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The Table Map Library is the world's first systematic record of how the cue ball travels around the table with three common cue ball spins. This are the pathways the cue ball will go regardless of theoretical expectations. As the cue ball moves around the table, the path is affected by the cloth which will wear off various spins and rail contact which reduces or enhances cue ball spin.

See Tips for best use of these patterns.

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Available viewing space on monitor: If you have difficulty in viewing the tables in "vertical" mode, you may have too many toolbars displayed at the top of your browser window (usually multiple search toolbars).. Go to View > Toolbar > and unselect one or more of these. This will allow you to view the tables without a lot of use of scroll bars. All of the individual frames can also be resized to gain the best viewing real estate.
Shortcuts: Windows - create a Shortcut to <CD>\Table_Map\index.html. For Macintosh machines, create an Alias to do the same thing.


The cue ball position is the Start of these paths. Targets are diamonds or edges of pockets. Aiming is done THROUGH the rail to the diamond. Speed is medium to medium hard.


The mouse pointer must change to a Hand (indicates a link) before clicking.

  1. Click inside the Navigation table to set the cue ball's Start point.
  2. Click along the edge of the Navigation table to set the Target (first rail) point.
  3. The Left (10:30), Center (12:00), and Right (1:30) cue ball paths will display in the Main area.
  4. Click the Counter-clockwise (left pointing icon) and Clockwise (right pointing icon) images to move the Target position around the table.

Change Table Size to Fit Monitor

At the top right is a drop-down list. Select from:


If you can't bring your computer to the table, make printouts of interesting patterns.  To ensure confidence, you must practice these patterns. Only then can you apply your new-found knowledge to bring pain and discomfort to all opponents.

For best results: select the view of B&W - small, horizontal. This will display the tables horizontally and will fit on a single page printout.

  1. Click in the main display area to make that the active frame. On the File drop-down menu, select Print.
  2. On the Print dialog, Options tab - make sure Only the selected frame radio button is selected. Then click OK.


If there is a problem using the Navigation table or the display seems to freeze - click the Refresh button on your browser. This will regenerate the initial starting configuration.

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