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Handbook of the Billiard Gods,
Table Map Library

This is a complete and systematic compilation of cue ball travel paths. These paths start from 45 positions within the table to every diamond on the table and on both sides of each corner pocket. There are over 3,000 individual paths in this book. Study this library to understand and intelligently apply this knowledge to your game.

Three cue ball spins were used: 10:30, 12:00, and 1:30, one cue tip out from center ball with a medium hard speed. Shown are the results and consequences of cue ball interactions with rails, cloth, and relative speed on a 9 foot table.

Click the Help icon at the top to gain the best benefits from this library. A drop-down menu (next to the Help icon), will select four options for Color images (horizontal/vertical table in one of two sizes), and four options for B&W.

Use the Navigation table (left) to display cue ball paths. Click inside the table to select where the cue ball will start. Click along the edge to select the diamond target. The paths for the three spins will display in this space.

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(The frames can be resizes. Mouse over the edge until the mouse turns into an I beam, the click, drag and drop.)